The "Logis de Foussant" ...


Located in the heart of the Cognac area ( Grande Champagne ) the “logis de Foussant” is a very old farm ; the oldest part of the house dates back to 1616,  as proclaims an inscription carved over the door.

The monks of the once flourishing abbey of Bassac farmed the land of the logis for a long time. The estate later passed into the hands of a succession of owners who turned it into a winery in the middle of vineyards while respecting its typical features of a traditional Charente farmhouse: its  courtyard enclosed within its various wine-making (grape-processing) and warehouse buildings surrounding the main house.

In the middle of the prestigious Grande Champagne vineyards, the “logis de Foussant” borders marshes and woods lodging all sorts of wild life ;  two pet donkeys frolic about in their grassy enclosure ,  adding to the charm of the place but , to our regret,  preventing our accepting visiting animals.

Restored by its present owners, the house remains a family home and offers three guest rooms.
The “logis de Foussant” is situated in the outskirts of Jarnac, on the road to Bourg-Charente, 5 minutes from the railway station, three hours from Paris-Montparnasse  and one and half hour from Bordeaux international airport.